Waterproofing Services

STATION offers a wide range of high quality Waterproofing services to its valued clients throughout the Kingdom. We understand the specific needs of every project and work closely with architects, engineers and main contractors to guarantee the right material is utilised in every case. Our experienced management crew along with our skilled labour is the basis to any successful job. We know what resources and methods will yield the highest productivity for specific budgets and conditions. Our crew is always available to inspect and advise clients on techniques that yield the most economical solutions and recommend the best alternatives for any situation. The best evidence of our reliable craftsmanship is our long-lasting relationships with our clients who repeatedly invite us to work on their projects.

We will certainly be your specialised contractor to solve any of your underground or roof water concerns. Our waterproofing and insulation systems are designed to provide full protection for various interior and exterior applications in the construction industry.

STATION has been certified as a well-trained applicator by various top Waterproofing suppliers in Europe and the United States. The products we use are:                     Energy Saving – Long Lasting – High Performance – Environmentally Friendly

Membrane Systems:       EPDM – APP – SBS – PVC – HDPE – TPO


Underground WP Systems

Below-ground Waterproofing is crucial to most structures to avoid leakage caused by the hydro-static pressure from the water table underground and cracks that occur over time from the soil pressure. The hydro-static pressure will eventually force water into the building structure through its cracks, joints and any permeable substrates leading to structural damage and the likelihood formation of mould, corrosion and other wetness related concerns.

STATION offers a wide range of waterproofing solutions for underground structures providing protection from groundwater, soil gases and other contaminants by delivering clients with high performance products backed by our diligent technical service.

External / Internal WP Systems

External and Internal waterproofing application is necessary to several structures such as drinking water supply channels, irrigation channels, water pipes, water tanks and reservoirs as well as other artificial ponds. These structures are constantly exposed to pressing water and leakage is common after a few years of use. STATION solutions offer several high-end material whether membrane or coating systems to provide long-term protection of both internal and external surface areas of all kinds of simple and complex reserve tanks.

Roofing & Insulation WP Systems

Roofs are critical sections of any structure as it fulfills an important role in facility protection. Every Roof structure has a unique character, whether it is flat or domed. As the highest point of a building, roofs are continuously, year after year, degraded by various factors such as sunlight, wind, rain and others, frequently leading to costly leaks and higher energy bills.

We provide our clients with different means to ensure that water is carried away from the building without causing any dampness in walls or roofs. Our engineered Roofing Systems at STATION combines both Thermal Insulation and Guaranteed Waterproofing within the system assuring sustainable Roof longevity.

Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems

The Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) roof system is a sustainable, high-performance monolithic substrate alternative to other traditional insulation systems. This recognised core solution in the roofing industry combines the unique properties of both lightweight insulating concrete and polystyrene foam insulation board, leading to a smooth and monolithic surface ideal for roofing application.

LWIC has high compressive strength and is very durable. It has exceptional resistance to humidity, fire and heat which are critical considerations for any quality roof insulations. Other key industry concerns that LWIC addresses are the following: customizable slope-to-drain, dimensional stability, re-roofability and the ability to mechanically fasten the roofing membrane to the insulation.

Environmental / Pond Lining

Pond and Environmental liners are frequently used to prevent water leakage for projects that are using storage ponds and tanks for water containment. Heavy duty liners can also be used to contain oil, waste, or chemicals.

Our technical experts will assess every lining project case differently to provide you with the most economical value for your solution. Factors to be considered during assessment are things like: size, what is to be contained, penetrations, buried or exposed lining, current state of area etc.. to recommend the most effective and affordable material to be used.

Wet Area WP

Our Wet Area WP systems allow common wet areas in household buildings such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens to become waterproof and moisture resistant. Wet Area Waterproofing is critical due to the constant use of water and humidity. The points of leakages are weak areas such as wall joints, joints between tanks, pipes and defective piping materials that corrodes over time. If the moisture spreads through the floor or walls to the concrete, it can cause significant damage to the rebars rooted in the concrete. Hence, it is key to install an impermeable layer over the concrete to stop the spread of moisture. Our range of solutions can help you achieve the necessary protection and sustainability in all your wet areas.

Concrete Repair Services

STATION’s experience and know-how include both specialized and conventional concrete repair approaches to deliver the ideal solution for all concrete repair projects. Whether it’s a small concrete repair project or a multi-faceted full scale restoration project, STATION can deliver on every phase:

  • Supporting our clients in identifying structure concerns.
  • Development of feasibility studies (Concrete repair options).
  • Turn-key delivery and management of the complete repair process.
  • Design / Build Contracts
  • Maintenance & Renovation Contracts

Common Reasons Why Concrete Requires Repair

Concrete is strong, durable and a well understood material. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to last forever without proper maintenance. It is widely used in most structures such as foundations, bridges, buildings, water tanks and even dams can be made from concrete.

The performance of concrete as a construction material depends on several factors:

Original quality, Exposure Conditions, Design and Application Standards – all have a bearing on its durability. Overtime, all concrete will be subject to chemical and physical change. Yet, one of the main causes of concrete failure is due to rebar corrosion. If rebar is exposed to excess carbon chlorides or dioxide (a chemical reaction called carbonation), it will begin to corrode, causing the concrete around it to deteriorate. This will then lead to the concrete bursting due to rust formation.

Other causes of concrete failure can be due to Alkali-Silica reactions, chemical attacks, impact damage as well as frost expansion.

Concrete Repair Methods:  Injection – Shotcrete Spray – Grouting – Patching – Overlays